Monday, January 16, 2012

Take Control of the Diet, Don't Let the Diet Take Control of You

I want to take a minute to jot down my thoughts on my experience during the first week of reset on the PINK Method. I hope that it may help those of you just starting out to know that others went through what you are going through or to know what to expect though I am sure everyone's experience will be slightly different.

Day 1
I was very excited to start PINK but I was hungry all day long. I followed the meals suggested in the book but all I could think about was food, I was hungry but I stayed the course snacked on vegetables and tried to drink water which I hate. I made it through day one and only managed to drink about 50 ounces of water but that is 100% more than I usually drink so I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Off to bed only to wake up and face day 2.
Day 2
Today I woke up and saw some weight loss, yippy but I was hungry and craving sweets like nobodies business. I am guessing that since my body was essentially detoxing from all the CRAP I usually put into it, this is a fairly normal response but it sucked. I stuck with the plan though and suffered through the cravings and hunger. Six o'clock hit I ate my dinner, put my fork down and thought great, I am still hungry, this diet just isn't going to work. I was feeling like the food was bland and boring and I thought, I can't live on a diet being hungry and craving things all the time. On a positive note, I managed to drink a little more water today maybe 75 ounces. I did have to force it down though. I went to bed discouraged and in a bad mood.

Day 3
I  woke up and weighed myself, more weight loss. I was excited by what I was seeing and I realized I had a little more energy, not so sluggish however I did have a slight headache. I drank my shake and about 3/4 of the way through I felt full. This was a new feeling, I hadn't felt full since I started this diet. I thought if I could figure out a way to make the food a little more enjoyable with more flavor, maybe I could do this. So my brain started turning and for dinner tonight, I decided to make a meal that fit the PINK blueprint rather than eat the suggested meal. I made turkey meatballs in a homemade marinara sauce served over a bed of roasted vegetables. Recipe found here. It was good, I was able to eat a lot of food and I felt satisfied. Satisfied on a diet? Yes it is possible. I had a renewed excitement about this diet now that I was taking control of it rather than letting it take control of me. I also managed to drink my entire 100 ounces of water, a huge accomplishment but the headache, oh the headache, it was a constant all day long.

Day 4
I woke up and even more weight loss, not just a few ounces, the scale was going down like I have never experienced before. I have said before that I am not going to make my daily loss public only because I don't want other people comparing their loss to mine and getting discouraged, your journey is your journey, own it. The headache remained, it wasn't unbearable but noticeable. I had my shake, had left over meatballs for lunch and began to think about what would be for dinner that night and thought I need to share this journey with people, for the first time in my life, I was excited about a diet and I decided to blog my journey here on Losin' it with PINK. For dinner I modified the normal stuffed bell peppers I make and came up with Southwest Style Stuffed Peppers, recipe here. They were filling, I was satisfied, I got my water down, and I felt like I had turned a corner with this diet.

Day 5
I woke up and found out I lost weight again, my headache had dulled and I felt good. I had my shake, leftover peppers for lunch and then dinner hit. At our house, Fridays are mom's night off from cooking which usually means pizza delivery, my kid's favorite meal. I ate a Chinese chicken salad for dinner but the pizza was calling me, it was saying, "ooey gooey melted cheese, eat me" I gave in and ate a few bites of cheese pizza and immediately felt guilty. However, I normally would have thought well, I messed up already so I might as well just give up and have another. This time however, I thought oh well, I can choose to wallow in guilt and have more or I can choose to move on and continue with my diet. I chose to move on, plus I drank extra water to help flush my system.

This is not my burger, I had mine without cheese, cheese is a no no on reset.
Day 6
Feeling guilty about the pizza I figured I might not see weight loss on the scale today and I was prepared and okay with that but much to my surprise, I lost more weight, imagine my excitement. Today I knew would be a struggle though, I was going out to dinner with a friend that night and was nervous about eating out and sticking with the plan. I had a salad for lunch and thought that is probably what I would have for dinner also. We ended up at Red Robin and I thought ugh, burgers and fries, my weakness, I will never be able to eat according to plan. As I was looking over the menu I saw that they have a lettuce wrap burger, I also saw that they had grill chicken breast burgers/sandwiches, a light went off in my head and I thought what if I could get the grilled chicken breast burger and have it lettuce wrapped, that would totally fit within the reset blueprint. I asked the server and he said they would make any burger wrapped in lettuce so I was set. For my sides I chose steamed carrots and broccoli which I dipped in a tiny bit of Honey Dijon dressing, less than a tablespoon which I thought was fine. I left the restaurant feeling excited, I had found a place that I could go to eat out and stick with the plan. I took control!

Day 7
Even more weight loss = excitement! Water is now easily consumed, I have energy, not really any cravings and I am excited to continue coming up with foods that fit my eating requirements. I no longer have the headache and think I might be over the detox phase. I have never felt this way with a diet before, I am excited and feeling like I can do this. The beginning was a little rough but I encourage you all to take control, make the diet your own and I hope you will feel the same as I do.


  1. Love it. This is spot on with my experience. Blogging it helps you and it helps other. AWESOME.

  2. Thanks so much, glad to know other's experience was similar to mine.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this website!
    I started PINK on March 5, 2012 - today is my first day on Phase 1
    I tried your enchaladas, and they were amazing!!!
    Keep posting, and all the best to your weight loss journey!

    1. Jilly Willy,

      I am so glad you liked the enchiladas! Good luck with your PINK journey! Keep me informed on how you are doing, I love to hear about other people who are finding success with PINK.


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