Friday, April 6, 2012

What to do with all those egg shells?

Easter is the day after tomorrow so I thought I would pop on here and share one of our families Easter traditions. Through out the year when I make things with eggs (like my Sweet Potato Frittata, which would be an "egg"celent Easter breakfast meal, hint hint,) I save the egg shells to make what is known as Cascarones or confetti filled eggs for my kids, they love them and look forward to them every year. I know it is short notice but if you find yourself making something with a lot of eggs tomorrow, save the shells and make some cascarones for your kids or better yet, with your kids. Even if you are not making something with eggs, they are cheap right now so give it a try. Note: I posted these on a craft blog I have about a year ago hence the different web address on the pictures.
Cut the ends off theeggs, drain out the egg and use in your recipe or just throw away. Then, rinse out the eggs and set them aside to dry.
Color all the eggs with your favorite egg dye.

Once colored, I take them out of the dye and allow to dry over night.
Then fill them with paper confetti which you can buy in any party supply store.
To cover the hole and keep the confetti inside, cut a small square of tissue or crepe paper and glue it over the hole using a little bit of watered down Elmer's glue.
Let dry and then hide them as you would an Easter egg.
Then let the fun begin as you watch your children find and crack the eggs on each other's heads. In our house, the whole family joins in when it comes to the cracking of the eggs. It really is a lot of fun and a good way to get everyone involved in the Easter fun. I don't know about you but as my oldest has matured, I have found it harder and harder to find things to hide in eggs other than money and candy and these eggs have given me yet another thing to keep him entertained and engaged on Easter.

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