Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Turkey Burgers and Zucchini Chips

Turkey burgers are a staple meal in our house. They are quick and easy, perfect for a night that is full of baseball and softball practice. The zucchini chips are easy to make but do take quite a while to achieve the crispy texture, what is nice is you can make them stick them on a low temperature and step away and do something else while they cook.

Zucchini Chips
1 whole zucchini 
olive oil
Mrs. Dash original
nutritional yeast

Slice zucchini thinly using a mandolin or a knife, you want your slices to be about 1/8 of an inch thick.
Mist the slice with olive oil and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash and nutritional yeast, stir so that all the slices are coated.
Lay the zucchini slices out on a cookie and bake at 200 degrees until they are crispy, mine took about 1 hour 25 minutes but you will want to check yours every so often. I also turned mine over about half way through.

Turkey Burgers
1 package lean ground turkey
1/2 cup vegetable puree
1 egg
2-3 tbsp water
1 tsp Mrs. Dash
Dash of salt and pepper
Lettuce (used to wrap your burgers)


Start by making your vegetable puree, to do this add any variety of vegetable to your blenders, I used carrots, mushrooms, colored peppers, spinach and onion along with a little water, just enough to help blend the vegetables, you don't want to make a soup.

Add your vegetable puree to your ground turkey along with you choice of spices and 1 egg. They egg helps to bind everything together, yes it is more protein than 4 ounces but I ended up getting 7 burgers out of the recipe so in the end I think you are not over on your protein portion. 
Form patties and grill. These are fairly loose burgers, I think they would fall apart on a BBQ but they were great on an indoor grill pan, just be careful when flipping so they don't break apart.
To serve, wrap lettuce around your turkey burger and serve any toppings you desire, I used tomato, onion and avocado. 


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