Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almond Flour

Let me first start off by saying thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog...I hear from people everyday who say how helpful it has been to them on their PINK journey. It truly means the world to me that it has reached so many people. Hearing from all of you makes me want to continue to create new recipes for everyone and I am trying but my life has been a little hectic lately. Without going into to many details I have been dealing with a lot of illness at our house which seems to be taking a lot of my time, imagine that...a mom whose children are taking all of their time, can you relate? So I guess what I am saying is please forgive me for the slow down in posts, I promise it will pick up when life slows down. (Or when my children are grown, I am not sure which will come first)

The last few recipes I posted called for almond flour and several people have written to ask me how to make it. I feel kind of silly posting about how to make almond flour because it is so easy and essentially it is just ground up almonds but their are a few tricks I do that give it a much finer texture than just ground up almonds or what is sometimes referred to as almond meal. Almond flour can be used in baking such as in my apple crisp but I have also used it to make muffins. I also love that I make it with the pulp that if left over from making almond milk so I don't feel like I am wasting anything.

Almond Flour
Pulp left over from making almond milk

Remove the pulp from your cheese cloth or nut milk bag and spread across your cookie sheet.
Break up any large clumps but you don't have to be to through.
Put the pulp into the oven at 170 degrees so that the almond pulp dries out. You could also use a food dehydrator for this step if you have one.
After a few hours remove the pulp from the oven, it should be really dry and crumbly, any clumps that you left should hold together well but crumble if smooshed.
Take the dry pulp and put it into a blender, I find that my little personal blender or fake magic bullet gets the pulp to the finest consistency.
Blend until it is smooth and powdery.

Store in the freezer until you are ready to use.

Note: you will see to different color variations in my flour, this is because I have been adding chia seeds to my almonds when I make almond milk, it helps to thicken the milk slightly and in a more natural way unlike the store bought brands that often have added thickeners. So the darker flour is from the ground chia seeds, the lighter stuff if almond flour made without chia seeds.


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