Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nachos, I want nachos!

I must admit it, I have a block right now when it comes to creating new recipes. I can't seem to find inspiration or maybe it is that I can't seem to find the time. Either way, I am bored with food and I have found myself really wanting to stray from the PINK eating plan. (Note, I said wanting to. I have remained, yeah for me and will power.)  Let's hope that changes soon or else it is going to be very difficult to get this last 40 pounds off my body.
This isn't a recipe per say, more of an idea on how you could switch up a typical taco meal if you don't want to have taco salad yet again. Last night's dinner was "nachos" if you want to call it that. I was wanting nachos all day so I started to think about what I could use for the base of my nachos that would give me the crunch that the chips give you when you are eating nachos. I decided to cut some mini bell peppers in half and use those as my "chips." Yes, I know that they don't taste like chips but they do have that crunch factor so it was a decent swap. I topped my "chips" with a couple of tablespoons of re-fried beans and some ground turkey taco meat. I also added a little homemade pico de gallo to the top. A dollop of lightened up guacamole dip would also have been great on these but of course my avocados were not rip yet so I had to go with out. Yes, I shed a tear over that one. I do love some guacamole.
Help me out, I need some inspiration, if you have a great recipe, send it my way.

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