Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finished with Phase 2 on to Phase 3

I am finished with phase 2 and start phase 3 today, time to check in and report my progress. First I must say I am having to give myself and attitude adjustment today because I am disappointed in my progress on phase 2. Yes, I lost weight and inches during phase 2 ( 7 lbs. and 5 inches), just not as many as I wanted. I seem to have hit a plateau the last week or so and just can't get past this weight. I have dieted in the past and been successful but I stalled out last time at this exact weight got frustrated and gave up. I am determined that this time I will bust through this plateau and not give up. Hopefully the phase 3 exercises will help with that. I must admit that I also have gotten lacked with my water intake during phase 2 which I am sure contributed to my lower weight loss numbers. I will do this and hopefully I will have bigger numbers to report next time.

Before Reset
After Reset
After Phase 1
After Phase 2
Total loss
48 inches
45 inches
41.5 inches
40 inches
8 inches
47 inches
45 inches
42 inches
41 inches
6 inches
45 inches
44 inches
41.5 inches
41 inches
4 inches
27 inches
26 inches
25 inches
23 inches
4 inches
167 inches
160 inches
150 inches
145 inches
22 inches


  1. You are looking Good! Smooth is the word. :) I can't wait until my stomach is that smooth. Keep up the good work.

    1. Tory, thank you for the kind words. I wish my stomach was smooth but I am getting there, making progress everyday. You will get there soon!

  2. congratulations on your success with pink method! i am impressed with how creative you are with the recipes! I will be cooking several of these. I am also doing the pink method. i started just before christmas this last year. I eat a ton of stir frys because i have little imagination with food. thank you for creating this site, it is helping lots of people i am sure. i wish i had kept a picture log of myself changing its amazing. I have lost 43 lbs now and have about another 20 to go myself. this diet really does work when you stick to it with a vengeance. I was just over 200 lbs when i started and felt horrible about myself now i am beginning to feel that my weight is under control again. for the first time in, well ever, i am looking forward to summertime to go swimming with my son! :) keep up the good work!

    1. Wow...43 pounds, that is incredible! Congratulations on your success. I can't wait to hit the 40 pound mark. I know what you mean about being excited about summer...we have a boat and always hide under a cover up or shorts but hopefully this year that all will change. Thanks for the email, I love to hear from other's on PINK and about their amazing success. -Emily


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