Thursday, February 2, 2012

Have you meet the Hunger Monster?

Thought this picture was funny, I might have to buy to put on the fridge.

Have you ever had one of those days while dieting? "Those days," could mean different things to everyone but for me 'those days' are days when you are doing great eating according to plan you are almost done with the day, just a few hours left and bam you screw up. Well yesterday was one of those days. I ate my  baked banana oatmeal for breakfast, yummo! Had some egg salad mushroom cups for lunch which I will share in a few and then 5 o'clock came around and hunger set in bumbumbum (cue the scary music.) Hunger when on a diet is scary, will  you allow the hunger to massacre your entire day of good eating or will you defeat the evil  hunger monster and save your day? I know I should write a movie, sounds like a good plot doesn't it. Well yesterday I allowed the hunger monster to not necessarily massacre the whole day of good eating but he certainly left a scar. So what did I allow the hunger monster to scar me with? About 10 -15 baked multi-grain chips. Damage was about 150 calories. Yes, not awful, will I gain from it? Probably not but I was mad at myself for being so weak in the eyes of the hunger monster because I have been so strong the last 3 1/2 weeks. But I have a choice, beat myself over it or figure our where I went wrong so that next time I will be prepared to defeat him.

So where did I go wrong, how did I become weak yesterday? First off, I failed miserably when it came to drinking my water, I don't think I even got in 50 ounces when I normally try for about 100. Water is your friend when you feel hungry. Second mistake, I went to the grocery store around 5 o'clock and being in a grocery store when you are hungry is a huge no no, it is like kryptonite to Superman, it weakens your powers. Thirdly, I should have had some vegetables packed and along for the ride.

Next time I stare down the face of the hunger monster he better watch out, I will have my water gun locked and loaded. I will not go looking for him when I am weak and if I do, I will have my side kick "Vegi-man" by my side. Watch our hunger monster because the next time we meet and we will, you are going down!

Ok, so we all screw up sometimes, that doesn't mean my whole day was awful. Here is what I had for lunch which was very good and good for you. Very easy to make essentially it is egg salad stuffed into mushroom cups. I don't think I need to tell you how to make egg salad, everyone makes it slightly differently but I will tell you what I put into mine to act as a filler because one egg and one tbsp of mayonnaise doesn't go very far. I chopped up some onion and some cucumber to act as a filler in my salad. I also wanted to add some dill pickle to the salad but didn't want all the salt that came with it so I chose to sprinkle in a little dill weed into the salad along with some black pepper, I would have added mustard too but we were all out. It was a good lunch that was light and refreshing. Definitely something you could take a long for lunch at work or even on a picnic when it gets a little warmer. 

So off I go to face another day. Remember you have the power to defeat the hunger monster if he shows up in your neck of the woods today. 

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