Monday, January 23, 2012

Finished with Reset on to Phase 1

14 days of reset done!!! Woot, Woot!! For those who may stumble upon this blog, the reset phase of PINK method is essentially a detoxifying stage where you cut sugar, dairy, and grains out of your diet and are eating mainly proteins and vegetables. While the first few days were hard, once my body purged the toxins from my body, I have felt incredible. On a side note, I have struggled with eczema for a very long time and the purging of dairy and wheat from my body seems to have had the added bonus of clearing it up.

I am pleased with the results. I think the before "reset" pictures and the after "reset" pictures show a pretty big change in my body. One that I am happy to see continue. I am hoping you can tell but if not, the top photos are the before reset pictures and the bottom are after reset pictures. Please be kind about the pictures as I can't believe I am putting them on here. I have had three c-sections and have absolutely no core as you can tell in the photos. I am hoping that knowing the entire world can see them will help me stay accountable.

Come back and see me tomorrow, I am hoping to have up a recipe for reset friendly enchiladas. Have a great day!


  1. wow good job, you can totally tell the difference especially in the ab area, I started Phase 1 today. I'm on Pink as well & started phase 1 today. I will be checking back to get the enchilada recipe sounds soo yummy!

  2. Way to go Emily! I can really see the difference. Keep up the good work girl!! I am on day 8 of my 14 day reset and i hope i will be able to see as much difference as you have. WIll be keeping up with you.

  3. Thank you ladies! We can do it!

  4. Wow and that's just from eating better! Just wait until you start excersizing in addition to that! AWESOME!!! I've been on reset for 7 days now, out of 14 and am only down 3 pounds. I'm a little frustrated, but this week I need to keep up on my water, and try hemp protein. Congrats to you!


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