Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 Course Valentine's Day Dinner Pt. 2 Soy Ginger Marinated Halibut on a bed of Oriental Slaw

Part 2, the main course. Of course if you are not a fish fan, use chicken breasts instead. You also could use any other fish you like, this is great with salmon or tilapia. On a side note, if you add a little shredded chicken to the slaw instead of the fish, this makes for a great PINK lunch that is reset friendly, if you omit the orange. A little shout out, thank you to my Mother and Father-in-law for sharing their spoils of their fishing trip, the halibut was wonderful and that is a big compliment from me as I am not a huge fish fan.

Soy Ginger Marinated Halibut
4 tbsp low sodium soy sauce or Bragg's amino acid
1 tsp minced fresh ginger
2 clove garlic minced
6 tbsp vinegar (rice, white or red, I used white)
2 tsp sesame oil
stevia to taste
1 tsp sesame seeds (totally optional, I should have left out and only put into the dressing)
2 servings of Halibut (mine we about 7 ounces each, of course if you are following PINK only eat 4 ounces)

Put everything except the halibut into a small bowl and mix to combine. Divide the marinade in half, half will be your marinade, half will be your dressing for the slaw.

With the half that is reserved for the marinade, pour it over your halibut, making sure that your fish is coated in the marinade. Cover and put into the refrigerator to marinate for 2 or 3 hours.

Grill either on the BBQ or on your grill pan. If they are thick fillets you may have to finish off the cooking in a 350 degree oven so that your fish doesn't burn. This is what I had to do.

Oriental Slaw
1 small head Napa Cabbage shredded
1/4 head of a small purple cabbage shredded
1 orange peeled and separated
2 carrots shredded
1/4 of small red onion sliced
2 tbsp slivered almonds
reserved marinade/dressing from halibut


Mix all the vegetables and the dressing in a large bowl just before the fish is finished cooking. If you dress the slaw to early the cabbage may begin to wilt, though it is much more hardy than lettuce.

Put about 2 cups of the slaw onto the plate and top with your fish.

Note: I also drizzled about a tsp or so of some prepared bottled oriental dressing over my fish and slaw just for presentation purposes. I used the Trader Joe's brand which has 35 calories for 2 tbsp. I just don't like to use to much because the second ingredient listed is sugar.


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